Checklist to Prep Your RV for Your Next Road Trip

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Mar 4, 2024     3 min read

RV season is right around the corner, and if you’re a seasoned RV’er, your excitement must be brimming with picture-perfect destinations and breathtaking stops. However, the key to a seamless journey is informed and well-planned preparation.

It would help if you planned everything in advance to ensure your RV trip is smooth and includes essentials to face any unexpected challenges.

Before you hit the road, let’s figure out what to keep in your RV to elevate your travel experience. Follow our pre-travel checklist to ensure your RV trip is nothing short of spectacular.

Your Pre-Travel Checklist for RV

Review Your RV’s Condition

Before embarking on your journey, assessing your RV thoroughly is critical. Check every nook and cranny of your mobile abode and list items that require repair or attention. Avoid the inconvenience of roadside troubles by ensuring everything is in top-notch condition.

Prioritize your repair and maintenance tasks based on urgency: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. This helps in keeping your vehicle in the best shape without overwhelming you.

Inspect RV for Connectivity Needs

While checking the basics, pay attention to your connectivity needs. You need to be assured that you have a dependable cellular router to meet your internet connectivity requirements, whether you need it for online streaming, remote work, or staying in touch with your loved ones.

The Routica EXPLORER I is a purpose-built travel router that bridges your connectivity needs. It effortlessly connects your RV to external Wi-Fi sources, from campgrounds to cafes. If you’re traveling to areas without RV parks, campgrounds, cafes, or hotels to connect to a local Wi-Fi network, Routica EXPLORER I works with accessible cellular networks.

Ensure your device is properly set up and synced with the Routica app for hassle-free internet access throughout your travels.

Prepare for Various Scenarios

Smart trip preparations involve more than just bringing less; it’s about bringing the right items. Anticipate all kinds of weather and situations to ensure you’re ready for any challenges during your trip.

Consider packing essentials that could be useful during unexpected RV issues such as battery failures, appliance malfunctions, lockouts, and theft. These may include spare keys, portable generators, repair tools, and batteries.

Evaluate each potential pack item by its necessity—it is better to have something and not need it than vice versa.

Plan Your Journey Thoroughly

Regardless of the trip’s range, mapping out your travel path is crucial. Spend ample time reviewing all your intended stops and attractions to plot the most enjoyable and efficient route if you wish to continue working remotely while on the go; research top RV-friendly remote work destinations before setting out on the journey.

Also, equip your RV with a reliable GPS to guide you smoothly to each destination. You can ensure seamless navigation to your pinpoint destinations by equipping your RV with Routica EXPLORER I. The cellular router offers GPS location tracking, allowing you to monitor your journey and record detailed trips.

Activating these features is user-friendly and available at no additional cost during our promotional phase.

Prebook Your Camping Spot

Reserve your camping spots well before you plan to leave. The demand for quality campsites in state parks, national parks, and provincial parks often exceeds availability, requiring months-ahead booking.

Evaluate potential sites through online feedback to ensure they meet your needs, such as cleanliness and amenities like pools or bathhouses. Be aware of and document any refund policies and add these details to your phone’s calendar to stay organized and adaptable during your travels.

Some Additional Tips

Prepare and Organize for Your Journey

  • Craft a food strategy and ensure you’re equipped to cook at the campsite.

  • Purchase the necessary groceries and equipment for your adventure. If it’s your RV’s maiden voyage, ensure it’s fully equipped.

  • Organize the equipment you’ll use at your travel spot, such as hiking, hunting, fishing, or boating gear.

  • Prepare your laundry for the trip, including towels, and wash anything that needs cleaning.

  • Review your tools and spare parts collection and set aside what you’ll need to bring. Ensure your first aid kit is fully stocked.

  • Compile all essential documents, like insurance and health records, in one location.

  • Collect all necessary medications for both your family members and any pets.

Summing Up

Planning a perfect RV trip may seem daunting initially, but it ultimately shields you from numerous hurdles and stressful scenarios you could encounter. Remember, RV trips are designed to alleviate your stress and rejuvenate your spirit.

Equipping your RV with Routica EXPLORER I, a specially designed travel router, helps maintain a stable connection using the available internet access point, allows for efficient vehicle tracking, and ensures safety through its innovative Sentry feature. It greatly simplifies your journey and enhances enjoyment.

Secure your Routica EXPLORER I today by ordering through our online store or Amazon page.

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