Persistent connectivity across a wide range of commercial and recreational In-vehicle and mobile applications. Get online today!

The EXPLORER I router is a high-performance, LTE-Advanced Pro vehicle gateway designed for communications in RV, Marine, public safety, logistics, and industrial applications. With dual radios, Gigabit Wi-Fi, GPS, and Ethernet, the EXPLORER I router enables a complete connectivity solution faster, further, and better than ever before.

​Whether connecting to a local Wi-Fi network or over Cellular backhaul, the EXPLORER I router offers up to high speeds over LTE-Advanced Pro and concurrent Wi-Fi and WAN. Allowing multiple devices and clients to connect simultaneously allows for seamless operations and communications. In addition, managed Wi-Fi services for content filtering and bandwidth allocation prioritizes critical and important communications over secondary uses. This enables users to create a localized hotspot for guests and other accounts with privacy settings.

​Our Quick Setup App allows you to configure your device easily out of the box, check device status and GPS location. Monitor your permissions and data usage from any location. Built for remote communication, the EXPLORER I router offers reliable, secure, and smooth operations for a variety of connectivity needs.

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Key Features

Reliable Wi-Fi as WAN hotspot

Secondary Wi-Fi radio allows you to setup a home Wireless Area Network for your devices to connect to. This leaves the primary radio dedicated to outbound connectivity while your devices connect seamlessly to the router

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GPS location

Built-in GPS gives you peace of mind about your vehicle. Share your trips with loves ones and more

Easy setup with our mobile app

Quick Start setup app allows router configuration and setup easily

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Dual Wi-Fi radios

Having a dedicated 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi radio combined with external antenna enables connections to hotspots from farther away. Additional 5 GHz Wi-Fi radio provides bandwidth for nearby devices.

Automatic switchover

Our system automatically switches between cellular and available saved Wi-Fi hotspots as they come in range, thus saving you cellular data

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Ethernet connectivity

For more robust networking needs and applications

High speed

With LTE Cat-12 modem capable of up to 600mbps download and 150mbps upload speeds, our products offer some of the best speeds on the market for your connectivity needs

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GPS based security

With GPS enabled security alarm features, you are notified if your vehicle is moved.

Key Features

Easy Configuration


Routica Explorer I is designed to run out-of-box. But if you need customization, Routica Explorer I is the perfect solution. With the Routica Easy Configuration mobile application, you can quickly and easily set up your router using your phone without any headaches. Plus, you can keep an eye on your network and make sure everything is running smoothly. Whether you're a tech savvy individual or a complete novice, Routica Easy Configuration mobile application makes it easy to get online and stay connected.

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Hotspot Sharing


With Routica Explorer I Hotspot sharing feature you'll be able to automatically connect to a campground, marina, or public hotspot if it can provide faster connection to the internet and can save you some money too. With Routica Explorer I, you'll always have access to the internet in the best and most economical way.

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With Routica Explorer I, you can easily create and share trips with your friends and family while on the road, so everyone can stay up to date on your whereabouts in real time. You can take photos and attach it to your trip track so your friends and family can experience the places you are going through. For your friends and family this can be the next best thing than to being with you.

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With Routica Explorer I you can locate and track your vehicle at any time. This provides an extra level of security and comfort in knowing the physical whereabouts of your vehicle even though you are not in your vehicle. So, whether you're taking a cross-country road trip or simply running errands around town, Routica has you covered. Travel with peace of mind knowing that Routica is looking out for you

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