Hotspot Sharing

Easily share your internet connection with friends and family and effortlessly share your internet connection with others through hotspot sharing.

Seamless Internet Access on the Go

Camping just got a whole lot more connected because many campgrounds now provide upgraded hotspots featuring blazing-fast fiber connections.

Wi-Fi is now available at 72% of campgrounds, and over half of these spots, approximately 52% have supercharged Wi-Fi, zooming along at 50 Mbps or more according to campgrounds of America (KOA)’s 2022 survey.

The only downside? They often impose restrictions on device connections and necessitate memorizing additional passwords.

Our Routica EXPLORER I is the robust answer to your connectivity needs. Configuring Wi-Fi as a WAN feature using the Routica Easy Configuration mobile application is a breeze—no sweating required. Set it up once, and you’re good to go. Now, you and your family can seamlessly enjoy high-speed internet at the campground without worrying about device limits or password inconveniences.

Experience top-notch connectivity at campgrounds with the Routica Explorer I, your go-to solution for RV hotspots.

Transition Beyond the Campground

Wondering what happens when you step outside the campground to a nearby restaurant or elsewhere?

This is where the EXPLORER I comes to your rescue. Our smartly designed travel router discreetly monitors your internet connection and smoothly transitions your devices to a cellular connection when you move beyond the campground’s hotspot range.

The best part? You won’t even notice the switch!

Better Convenience

Encounter another high-speed hotspot at the restaurant? No problem. Thanks to your earlier setup, that helps you switch fast. You can do this at as many hotspots as you like. A feature that makes it even more convenient is when you return to the campground or revisit the restaurant, the EXPLORER I smoothly switches everyone back to the hotspot, all without missing a beat.

Looking for The Easiest Way to Share Campground and Other Hotspots?

Choose Routica EXPLORER I as your ultimate solution. It not only ensures the fastest, hassle-free internet access but also helps you save on your cellular data plan.

Ready for Stress-Free RV Networking?

Make the most of your RVing experience with EXPLORER I- the best hotspot for RV!

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