Hotspot Sharing

If you’re like most people, you want the fastest internet access. Since cellular connection speeds vary from place to place, it is possible that the cellular speed at your favorite campground is not as fast as when you were driving on the open roads. You find out that the campground has recently upgraded its hotspot with a fiber connection to the internet. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you and your family could use the campground’s high-speed internet?

Unfortunately, sharing the campground hotspot can be a bit of a hassle. Your campground may only allow one or two devices to connect to their hotspot. Also, you must make sure everyone has the right password.

Is there an easy and seamless solution that will enable you and your family to automatically switch between the campground high-speed internet connection and the cellular connection?

Well, you are in luck if your RV has the Routica Explorer I. The intelligent and powerful Wi-Fi-as-WAN feature is easily configured with the Routica Easy Configuration mobile application. You only need to do this once. Now you and your family can use the campground hotspot without worrying about the password and the number of devices that can use it.

What happens if you drive your RV out of the campground for dinner to a nearby restaurant? The Explorer I which has been quietly monitoring the internet connection automatically switches everyone’s device to use the Explorer I’s cellular connection to the internet when your RV is outside the range of the campground hotspot. You will not even notice this switchover.

And what if the restaurant also has a high-speed Hotspot? Well, you have already done this at the campground so it should be a breeze now. You can repeat this at as many hotspots as you would want. And the cool thing is that when you return to the campground or visit the restaurant again, The Explorer I again switches everyone from the cellular connection to the Hotspot without missing a beat!

So, if you’re looking for the easiest way to share your campground and other hotspots, look no further than the Routica Explorer I. It will not only ensure that you benefit from the fastest internet connection available, hassle-free, but can also save you money by using less of your cellular data plan.