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Stay connected and in control with remote access to your alarm and security system from anywhere.

RV Internet Access on The Road for Enhanced Security and Peace of Mind

There was a significant surge in RV theft, with an increase exceeding 800 percent in the USA. Unfortunately, the percentage leads to an average loss per theft of over $26000 annually.

RV’s inherently pique interest and serve as potential targets for those seeking valuable items. The possessions you store on your rigs hold significance not only for us but also for opportunistic individuals aiming to convert stolen property into quick cash or secure items for personal use.

EXPLORER I is designed to help you make sure you’re always in the know whether you’re just running errands, vacationing, working remotely, or taking a cross-country trip. With RV theft as a growing concern, it is essential to track your vehicle’s whereabouts with ease.

Thieves often strike when your RV is parked and unattended, or when you’re enjoying a meal at a restaurant. This is where Sentry,” one of Routica EXPLORER I’s exclusive features, steps in. It provides;

  • Continuous Tracking:

    Routica EXPLORER provides continuous tracking for your RV, offering real-time updates on its location, whether you’re on a cross-country adventure or a quick errand.

  • Proactive Theft Prevention:

    In response to the rising trend in RV theft, Sentry acts as your vigilant guardian. Recent statistics underscore the importance of proactive security measures, making Sentry a must-have feature.

  • Instant Notifications: :

    Receive immediate notifications if your RV is moved without authorization. Stay in control and take swift action to protect your valuable investment.

Nobody wants their dream vacation to be ruined by RV theft. When you have top-notch internet service for RV travel, EXPLORER I’s Sentry offers you the peace of mind you deserve.

Comprehensive Location Services

Explore with confidence using Routica EXPLORER I’s precise location services. The latest statistics affirm the effectiveness of these features in minimizing the risks associated with theft.

Swift Recovery

In the unfortunate event that your RV is stolen, Explorer I Sentry ensures the quickest possible recovery, minimizing the impact on your journey. Plus, equipped with the best RV Wi-Fi system, you stay connected and secure on the road.

Ready to Secure Your Travels?

Secure your RV and enjoy the road with confidence, knowing Routica is protecting you!

Make your RV protected and enjoy the road with confidence, knowing Routica is keeping your vehicle safe!

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