Our routers come with built-in GPS tracking, allowing you to follow your loved ones’ trips when they are on the road. A navigation map will show where they have traveled with a trail of history points.

While RV theft may not be as common as auto theft, it still happens. In fact, RV theft increased significantly in 2020. RV thefts commonly happen when your RV is parked and left unattended for some time or while you are away. But regardless of how common or uncommon RV theft is, do you want your dream vacation ruined by someone stealing your RV while you are having dinner at a restaurant?

Routica Explorer I Sentry can notify you if your RV is moved by someone other than yourself or an authorized person. You can precisely locate your vehicle instantly and can provide law enforcement with the breadcrumb trail from the location the vehicle was stolen to where it currently is.

While it is never fun to have your RV stolen, with the Explorer I Sentry you can have peace of mind. This is because in the event your RV is stolen, it can be recovered in the shortest possible time.