Trip Sharing

Join forces with others to split the cost and reduce your carbon footprint with trip sharing.

Easy Sharing Anytime, Anywhere

Ever wanted to mark a spot on the map during your vacation? Our device with marine and RV mobile internet lets you preserve every memorable location. This on-the-go sharing feature of Routica’s EXPLORER I simplifies sharing your travels with anyone, be it your children who couldn’t join you due to school or friends who live across the state.

With a few taps on your mobile phone, initiate real-time sharing of your journey and photos with anyone, regardless of where they are in the world.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Having a speedy RV internet setup translates into a safer way to share your trip. From tracking your location to viewing your route, and enjoying the stunning visuals you seize, your friends can do anything all in real time. Traveling with EXPLORER I is the perfect way to keep them engaged in your latest adventure.

Collect Memories

Once your trip is over, you can just kick back and scroll through all those moments you shared – perfect for some good old reminiscing or quick sharing with your friends. And when you’re out there traveling, sharing, and bonding with friends on the road, Trip Sharing isn’t just about keeping up with family; it’s like this excellent way to meet new people during your travels.

So, let every trip be a story to tell and a chance to make lasting connections wherever you go.

Ready to Share the Journey

Buy Routica EXPLORER I to make sharing your trips, create unforgettable memories, and connect with loved ones and fellow travelers.

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