RV Holiday Gift Guide 2023 

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Dec 20, 2023     4 min read

If you’re a RV’er, you may have an idea that no RV enthusiast isn’t chasing thrills.

RV owners, be they families, couples, or solo wanderers, are synonymous with adventure. They navigate from grand mountains to lush jungles, from mysterious canyons to extensive national parks – an RV in sight is a clear sign of an experience in the making!

Many of us know those who have turned their RVs into roaming homes. And then there are the spirited retirees – parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents – who actually love embracing the RV lifestyle with zeal.

As the “official gifting season” is just around the corner, one thing you need to remember is “it’s not about complexity, but compatibility when it comes to gifting a perfect item to these intrepid explorers. The ideal gift should resonate with their restless spirit and their love for the open road.

Don’t worry if you often have a hard time choosing gifts for your RV’er friends. The blog includes some great gift ideas to satisfy the adventurous spirit of RV owners and the thoughtfulness needed in choosing them.

RV Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Customized Router Mount for RVs

Give the gift of solid stability and security with a custom-designed mount. By helping Rve’rs keep their routers secure in place, this gift can transform every journey into a smooth ride. A router mount is built to handle the twists and turns of any RV expedition. It’s a thoughtful addition that ensures the router not only stays protected but is ready to keep the connection strong amidst every adventure.

Wireless Speakers

Having a wireless speaker is a game-changer on camping trips. It’s fantastic for enjoying music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Whether you’re chilling at the campsite or going on a hike, it’s the perfect companion.

Apart from the fact that young Rve’rs are fond of these items to enjoy their tunes upfront, professionals can keep them for listening to podcasts, webinars, and virtual meetups.

Emergency Repair Kit


Ultimately, you know how an RV is pretty much like any other vehicle. It needs its fair share of TLC with repairs and maintenance. Especially for those who are always on the road in their RVs, squeezing in repair time can be challenging, and let’s not even start on those unexpected hiccups that pop up mid-journey.

Now, imagine a car mechanic’s toolkit, but it’s all for an RV. That’s what an emergency repair kit is. It’s packed with everything needed for those little and not-so-little fixes. So, if your RV’er friend or loved one has got a knack for tinkering with vehicles and he’s all about that RV life, why not gift him one of these kits?

It’s like handing him the power to keep rolling without a hitch!

Outdoor Projector


How about gifting something unique?

An outdoor projector might just be the thing. It brings an extra touch of magic to camping trips, transforming a regular night under the stars into an excellent movie experience. It is a great way to project movies right onto the side of the RV. To add a cinematic effect, all your Rv friend needs to do is hang a white sheet to watch a movie and transform his or her experience.

And if someone prefers something a bit more formal, there are portable screens available too. It’s a surefire way to level up camping entertainment!

Multi-Device Charging Station

Let’s admit a multi-device charging station is a real lifesaver for tech-savvy campers. A multi-device charging station lets you charge several gadgets at once, which is perfect for keeping everyone’s phones, tablets, and other devices powered up and ready to go. It’s all about staying organized and clutter-free.

So, whether it’s about capturing memories on camera, navigating with GPS, or just keeping the kids entertained with their devices, this charging station makes sure your loved one never runs out of juice. It’s an absolute must-have for any modern camping trip.

When an RV has a solid Wi-fi router such as the EXPLORER I to connect various devices to the internet, the charging station ensures they all have enough power for uninterrupted usage.

Streaming Service Gift Card

Want to gift your RV’er enthusiast a world of entertainment?

A streaming service gift card can be a fantastic option, especially when someone is on the road. In fact, it is the perfect gift for Rve’rs and campers that offers endless access to a vast library of movies, shows, and music.

Whether it’s a rainy day inside the RV or a cozy night under the stars, this gift card means their favorite entertainment is just a click away. It’s also great for keeping up with new releases or indulging in a nostalgic movie marathon.

With this gift card, every journey becomes a chance to catch up on that series they have been meaning to watch or discover new tunes for their travel playlist. It’s entertainment, their way, anywhere they go.

Routica EXPLORER I- Make Every Gift Worth It

However, making the most of every tech gift needs an RV to have an impeccable travel router. Our EXPLORER I’s high-speed internet capabilities can make every gift worth investing in. That means if an RV is equipped with Routica EXPLORER I, your RV’er friends can get buffer-free streaming, listen to online music, and enjoy their favorite media anytime, anywhere in the RV.

Summing Up

This holiday season, enhance your loved one’s RV adventures with gifts that perfectly complement the Routica EXPLORER I. Each item on our list is chosen to synergize with a travel router to ensure every journey is more connected, comfortable, and entertaining.

Look no further for the perfect tech gift!

Elevate every moment with Routica EXPLORER I, turning every journey into a connected adventure. Click here to place your order. You can also explore our Amazon page to make EXPLORER I yours today. Gift the power of connectivity – because every tech gift should be this extraordinary!

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