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What is the range of the Routica Explorer I?

Approximately 30m without line-of-sight interruption. Enjoy that campfire!

Does the router work in all weather conditions?

The router is not affected by cloud cover or stormy conditions. If you have sufficient cellular signal strength or Wi-Fi as WAN connection, you should be able to reach the Internet. However, severe weather conditions may cause interference with wireless signals.

Where is the router installed in the RV? Can it be placed anywhere inside the vehicle?

We recommend you place the Explorer I at a central location for optimal coverage. Usually, the electronics cabinet in the living space is a good option, keeping in mind the antenna kit you have selected.

Does the router stay on when I turn the RV off (no power) ?

The Explorer I requires constant power to function, since it does not have an in-built battery to keep it on when the RV or power source turns off. It is suggested to hardwire the router to the RV secondary battery, if so equipped.

What kind of connectivity does the Explorer I provide?

The Explorer I supports Cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.

It comes with an option of either a CAT 4, CAT 6, or CAT 12 cellular modems.

The Wi-Fi support includes 2.4/5.8GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.

The Ethernet (WAN or LAN) has gigabit support.

What cellular carriers does the Explorer I work with?

In the US we support Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.

In Canada we support Bell, Rogers, and Telus.

Other third-party cellular carriers may also be used, with some caveats.

Do I need constant cellular connectivity for it to be on?

The Explorer I can work with either a cellular or external Wi-Fi connection. In remote locations without any cellular coverage, you will not have connectivity.

What cellular bands do the Explorer I support?

Our routers are configured to work with North American LTE, UMTS, and GSM networks in general.

How is the Explorer I better than a mobile hotspot?

Our routers support many different antenna options which provide superior connectivity, throughput and range compared to a general mobile hotspot. The Explorer I also supports up to 64 connected devices. We also offer many other premium features to enhance your road connectivity.

Can I connect multiple devices with your router?

The Explorer I allows connectivity for up to sixty-four devices at a time. This can be a combination of Ethernet or Wi-Fi devices! Your entire family can be connected without worries.

Can I use my existing Sim card with Routica LTE modem?

While it is possible, we recommend using a dedicated data Sim. This prevents any wear and tear that may occur with the Sim card.

Do I have to install any software on my computer for the router to operate?

No. Setup and monitoring is only via the Routica Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet.

Which operating systems does the Routica Mobile App support?

The Routica Mobile App only supports Android and IOS smartphones and tablets at this time.

How to set up the Routica Mobile App?

Please refer to our Quick Setup App page, in the Support area. The Routica Mobile App has been specifically designed for ease of use.

Can I share my trip(s) with my loved ones?

The Explorer I router uses a breadcrumb trail of your journey that can be shared with anyone you choose. This can be authorized Friends and Family or another Co-Owner using our remote tracking feature or to whom you prefer via a web hyper link.

Learn more about our trip sharing feature.

Do you ship to International Countries?

Currently, we only ship to the USA and Canada. Other countries may be added in the future.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • PayPal

Can I purchase the Explorer I from Amazon?

Routica EXPLORER I is also available on the Amazon Store to our American and Canadian customers. You can visit the store and click on the respective Amazon page to make a purchase.

In what currency will I be billed?

We bill only in USD (US Dollars).

What Shipping methods are available?

We currently offer FREE Express Shipping. Delivery is normally within 2 to 3 business days.

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