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Stay Mobile, Stay Connected with Routica EXPLORER I

Introducing Routica EXPLORER I—the ultimate router for your recreational vehicle. Experience uninterrupted internet connectivity, trip sharing, security, alarm, and configuration, all at your fingertips through our user-friendly mobile app. Stay secure on the road with EXPLORER I—your trusted companion for any journey, ensuring peace of mind wherever you go.

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Why Routica Explorer I
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  • Home Router
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • Explorer I
  • Feature IconCellular
  • Feature IconWi-Fi
  • Feature IconEthernet
  • Feature IconGPS
  • Feature IconHotspot Sharing
  • Feature IconAlarm and Security
  • Feature IconTrip Sharing

What You GetWith Routica

At Routica, we’re on a mission to constantly upgrade and deliver the best in connectivity solutions. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with collaboration with our team, customers, and partners, ensures your experience goes beyond the ordinary.

Recreational Vehicle Solutions

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Boat & Yacht

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Our Key Features

Explore Routica's features—where customer happiness is our goal! We're always enhancing our products, services, and processes to ensure your experience is exceptional!

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Experience hassle-free connectivity with Routica's EXPLORER I. Unbox and enjoy uninterrupted RV internet—no complex configurations needed. For customization, it's one of the best travel routers available.

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Hotspot Sharing

Navigate smartly with Routica EXPLORER I’s hotspot sharing. Automatically connecting to campgrounds, marinas, or public hotspots, it ensures faster, budget-friendly internet access, making connectivity economical and constant.

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Trip Sharing

Enjoy trip sharing with EXPLORER I. Transform your travel into vivid connections, sharing real-time updates and photos—creating a shared adventure with friends and family.

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Ensure your vehicle's security and peace of mind with Routica EXPLORER I by tracking and locating it even when you're not behind the wheel.

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Download the Routica Quick Setup App to setup your router, enable security features, share or locate your trips, and more.

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