Creating the Perfect Mobile Workspace in Your RV or Boat 

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Mar 18, 2024     4 min read

Working from the road has become a popular trend. In fact, more than 75% of global workers believe that working remotely is the new normal. This is one reason why RVing with mobile workspaces is becoming a raging trend.

As Rv’ers are often on the move, they can’t leave their work behind. However, to be productive, it is crucial to have a proper setup.

Keep in mind that not every RV is spacious enough to set up a workstation. That is why you need to know smart and creative ways to turn your available space into a perfect mobile workspace

Don’t worry if you have no idea how to go about it. The blog includes some ideas you can use to build your mobile workspace, along with details on how a travel router like the Routica EXPLORER I can keep your journey and work uninterrupted.

Transforming Your RV into a Functional Office Space

Utilizing Spaces Practically

Not every nook of your RV can morph into an office, particularly without a designated room like a mid-bunk or a bunkhouse. That is why you need to balance the living room as a communal area while maintaining the serenity of your bedroom. Hence, flexibility in utilizing your spaces is key to crafting an office within your RV.

Establishing Your Desk Area

Crafting the ideal office area in your RV starts with selecting the right desk, one that complements both your needs and the space limitations of your RV. Since dedicating a large portion of your RV for office use isn’t feasible for everyone, look for adaptable desk solutions that meet your workspace requirements.

Background Considerations

A presentable backdrop is vital, especially if your job entails video conferencing. Also, aim to position yourself such that large, illuminated windows don’t sit directly behind you to reduce backlight issues. Make sure you situate your desk away from doorways or areas that might showcase the hustle and bustle of RV life in your background.

Adapting to Your RV’s Design

Think about the layout of your RV when deciding on the location for your workspace. If you work daily or frequently, consider establishing a permanent desk space rather than a temporary setup that requires daily assembly and disassembly.

So, if you’re imagining that working remotely from one end of the RV while your partner homeschools the kids at the other is the secret to harmony on the road, it might be time to rethink. Without a solid plan (or a good set of noise-cancelling headphones), you’ll find yourselves in a game of ‘who can be quieter,’ and let’s be honest, that’s a game no one really wins.

Embracing Multi-functional Furniture

In the world of van life and DIY RV transformations, smart space usage is king. Enter the concept of multi-functional furniture: like a media cabinet that’s not just for your TV and storage but also transforms into a desk. This idea might seem great for you, if you’re customizing your own vans or trucks into RVs, since most off-the-lot RVs come with built-in furniture.

Incorporating versatile pieces like a convertible media cabinet can elevate your space from functional to fabulous. It’s all about maximizing every inch and adding personal touches that make your rolling home uniquely yours.

Selecting the Right RV Travel Router

Having a reliable internet connection is non-negotiable for remote work. If your RV isn’t already equipped, consider upgrading your RV with technology that enhances your ability to connect to cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Our travel router, the Routica EXPLORER I, can be a significant asset. The Hotspot Sharing function allows you to seamlessly connect the Routica Explorer I to an available Wi-Fi hotspot and share internet access to any connected device. It transitions to the most optimal wireless internet for your RV.

The Routica Explorer I, for example, is designed with versatility in mind. If your current hotspot connection becomes unstable or unusable, the device is configured to automatically and seamlessly switch to a cellular network.

This smart transition ensures that your internet experience remains uninterrupted, providing reliable access no matter where your travels take you. By prioritizing the best available connection, the Routica Explorer I offers peace of mind, knowing you’re always just a click away from the digital world.

The cellular router also has some amazing built-in features such as Trip Sharing and Sentry. You can track your vehicle’s location if its GPS location changes when you’re out. This is one way to keep your mini mobile workspace safe and sound in any remote location.

Summing Up

Working remotely from an RV offers numerous benefits, from changing sceneries to combining work with adventure. With a well-thought-out workspace, you can excel professionally while relishing the RV lifestyle to its fullest. Advances in technology, such as efficient workspace setups and reliable cellular routers like the Routica EXPLORER I, are making the nomadic lifestyle increasingly accessible and enjoyable for RVers.

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